Monday, May 15, 2006

One more thing

Because one of the things the woman at the finanacial workshop talked about was that you should write down everything you might possibly EVER want to do . . . This is my list, which I will update from time to time (if I can find it in the archives).

Things to do in life:

Start a non-profit for foster children to put them through college and help them become successful, productive, HAPPY adults.
Become an Oscar-winning, famous, wealthy actress (hey, I might as well dream big).
Get an agent
Pay my bills with nothing but acting: commercials, films, television, etc.
Become a SAG member.
Take only roles that I enjoy because they are fun or challenging.
Book a major film role.
Book a leading film role.
Book a leading film role that pays at least $1million: $1,000,000.
Book a leading film role that pays at least $5million: $5,000,000.
Book a leading film role that pays at least $10million: $10,000,000.
Book a leading film role that pays at least $20million: $20,000,000.
Have a 26-28” waist; whatever is smallest and still healthy.
Learn to ride a motorcycle.
Fall in love and live with that person forever.
Go rock climbing.
Have limitless energy.
Stop drinking more than once a week (‘cause it’s just not healthy, dammit).
Exercise regularly.
Get enough sleep.
Meditate every day.
Write each family member (Mom, Dad, Middle Sis, Baby Sis) a check for $1million.
Pay Middle Sis’s bills for a full year, or till her book gets published.
Pay for Baby Sis to travel the world.
Pay for Mom to have whatever she wants.
Pay Dad’s bills for a full year, or till his poetry makes money.
Adopt a preteen (or several).
Donate $10million to Smile Train.
Become a public figure to advocate for foster children.
Get out of debt, permanently.
Pay off all my debt in the next year.
Get my pilot’s license and fly my own plane.
Become a good swimmer and swim in the ocean.
Learn to surf.
Become a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
Learn to shoot a gun expertly.

FYI: That was kind of fun. Just to make the list. I highly recommend it. :)


Carolyn said...

That's a lot of list!

I hope you accomplish it all.

There are many worthy goals there.

I'm a member of a different kind of SAG. It's the kind where you tuck your boobs in your waistband.

Marste said...

Ahahahaha! I'm a member of that "SAG" too! Have been since I was about 12, because once your boobs pass a certain size, I don't care how old you are, they ain't perky, lemme tell ya! LOL

SAG is the Screen Actors' Guild. You pretty much have to belong to the union if you want to make any money acting. Guess I should have clarified that, huh? ::::grin::::