Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Decisions, decisions . . .

Dammit. I thought that Weight Watchers meeting started last night at 5:30, but when I got there, I found out it started at 5. Grrr. I am NOT missing another week, though; I’m not going to start sabotaging myself now. :P So I looked up the meetings for tonight, and there’s one – get this – at 5:30. So I’m going tonight. The only thing that sucks is that I kind of want to go to a dance class at my local gym, and it starts at 7:15, which is PLENTY of time to go home, change and get to class, but doesn’t really allow any time to cook dinner and EAT. Minor details. :P And I won’t eat after class, because it makes me sick to eat right after I exercise. ::::sigh::::

So . . . dinner or exercise? Why do I feel like no matter what I choose, this isn’t the healthiest choice to make? Crap.


Carolyn said...

Hmmm. I always pick dinner.

Of course, I weigh 200 pounds too! LOL

Marste said...

Yeah, I understand. I actually had both, if you can count post-workout sardines and crackers as "dinner." LOL

But mostly I went because I was so afraid to - the irrational part of me thought they would laugh and point at my weight gain! So I figured it was a good mental excercise to go. ::::sigh:::: I hate when my common-sense self is right.