Thursday, May 18, 2006

I get to dance AND hit things!

I decided to go to the gym the other night, but I split the difference; when I came home, I showered and then ate some sardines and crackers (everybody who’s never lived in the Midwest or the South, now is your moment to gag – LOL). So I got some food in my system, even if it wasn’t a “real” dinner and I got some exercise, too.

Can I just say that I had forgotten how much fun that class is? I love dancing. And I’ve been doing all this work on my self-esteem and everything else, so I didn’t get in front of the mirror and spend the whole class thinking about how fat I was. I just had fun. And there was another girl there that I remembered from when I was going before, and she’d been gone for a while, too. So I felt like slightly less of a slacker and a “BAD PERSON.” :P And nobody pointed at me and laughed because I’d gained 15 pounds since I’d been to class (which is a ridiculous scenario, I realize, but it was my secret fear). So I jumped around and tried to dance hip-hop, which is always funny, because despite all my dance training, I am the whitest white girl who ever lived! LOL But I’ll get better.

Aaaaaaaaand . . . . I’d been wishing I could afford to start taking my Tae Kwon Do lessons again, because I LOVE it, but I really don’t have an extra $150 a month to throw around right now. (Some places are a little less, but I also don’t have an extra $80 – especially since the $80 place doesn’t offer classes that work with my schedule! :P) But guess what they’re thinking about offering at my gym????

That’s right!


I’m a little excited. :D And not the aerobic / kickboxing / fake martial arts kind (although those can be fun too); the REAL kind with uniforms and belts and everything! Eventually there will be an extra charge for those classes, but right now they’re free because the gym is trying to see if anyone is interested. ::::jumps in air, waves hand frantically:::: Oo! Oo! Me! Me! I’m interested! Me! Me!

So tonight there’s a class at 8, and I’m going! Yay!! I’m not crazy about the time, but I’ll take whatever I can get – especially if I can get it for free! Ha! I’ll just take a nap before I go, and hey, I love naps too, so it’s the best of all worlds, as far as I can tell! ::::beams and hums happily::::


Carolyn said...

I like sardines.

Enjoy your taekwondo.

Carolyn said...

Oh and I won't try yoga because I'm afraid the skinny girls will laugh at me.

So you're not alone in your fears.