Friday, June 30, 2006

Mr. Saturday Night, part 2

I have the Natalie Cole version of “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore” stuck in my head. Mostly because the opening line is “Missed the Saturday dance,” but when I was little, I thought it was “Mis-ter Saturday Night,” and guess who called me the other day? Oh yeah, you know it.

I actually sent a “Dear John” e-mail on Monday. Kind of tacky, but I wasn’t feeling like dealing with a giant freak-out on my hands, and I had every indication that that’s what I would get in person. I did say in the e-mail that the reason I sent it instead of calling was that sometimes things are easier to process that way, and that if he needed to talk, he had my number. I knew he’d call, but I also knew that at least with the e-mail I’d already had my say (since he doesn’t listen in person).

Before I go any further though, I have to explain my phone situation. It’s pretty simple, really: I only give out my cell number. My cell ringer is never on, because I forget to turn it OFF and I don’t want it going off in church, movie theatres, restaurants, dates, etc. I’m from the old school belief that the phone is for MY convenience, not so that everyone else can get hold of me immediately to tell me how they’re stuck in traffic and bored, and what am I doing right now? :P I always tell people that: my phone’s never on, but I always check messages and I always return my calls, although it may take a day (if I don’t check messages till late in the evening).

Now Saturday Night guy (SNG) knows that. I already told him that. And when he asked why I didn’t answer my phone, I told him again. I think I even told him a third time. (I really hate repeating myself, too.) And on Saturday night, when things ended strangely, he called me TWICE on my way home. Left messages both times. I called him back from my driveway, and he asked/accused, “I left you 2 messages. I thought you weren’t picking up because you knew it was me!” AARRGGHH! When I reminded him that my ringer is never on, he asked, “So that’s how it’s always going to be?? That’s just how it is, huh?” I responded that if it was good enough for my FAMILY, it was going to have to be good enough for everyone else. Grrr.

Anyway, I sent the e-mail Monday, and he called and left a message on Tuesday. He left it late, so I figured I’d call him back Wednesday, but forgot that I was supposed to go out with my cousin. So I sent another e-mail Thursday morning, and said I’d try and get hold of him that night.

(Edit: I know I’m being way too nice about this. I really can’t help it. ::::sigh::::)

I called last night, got his machine, left a message. He called me back late. TWICE. Within FIFTEEN minutes. I got the messages as I was getting ready for bed. The first one was an “I got your message” message. The second one was to say that he had unblocked his number, so it should show up in my display. He figured that was why I hadn’t picked up the first time, but now I could see it, so why didn’t I pick up? Luckily for him he answered his own question . . . “Unless . . . I guess maybe your phone isn’t on . . . .” Ding, ding, ding! Tell him what he’s won, Bob!! ARGH!

So I’ll call him back tonight. My grandma’s old Southern manners won’t let me NOT return a call. (Fortunately they don’t prevent me from being snide and sarcastic on my blog! LOL)

Oh, and that first message from Tuesday? The following are some of the gems from that message:
  • He thinks he’s trying to teach me something if I want to be taught. He’s trying to help me to be more open.
  • He doesn’t dump or abandon people so quickly, thinking he knows them from just one night.
  • He knows me better than I know myself. [Especially amusing, considering the statement just above this one.]
  • As far as not being able to hold back, move slower, he’s very much a person who respects people’s space – but he’s a man. Not that that means he expects everything to go his way. [WTF?]
  • Gave me lots of space: allowed [ALLOWED?] me to tell him he had a big personality.
  • Allowed [there’s that word again!] me to decide not to see the movie we were going to.

Actually, that conversation went like this:
Him: I know we just got our food, and we’re having a great conversation, but we should probably go to the movie if we want to make the show.
Me: Ok. Would you rather stay here? I’m not hung up on the movie.
Him: Do YOU want to stay here?
Me: I can do either one; I’m not invested in either one over the other.
Him: Well, let’s stay here, then! Wow, most girls get really hung up on the movie! [Because he’s a member of an LA movie club and so has advance screening tickets for movies that aren’t out yet, which is what we were going to see.]
I’m still not sure how that was MY decision that he ALLOWED me to make.

:::sigh:::: I’ll keep you posted. This is too entertaining not to. :P


jenni said...

oh god! arent men just wonderful? geez- Mr Saturday Night sounds really- hmmm I dont have words to describe it...icky.

Just wanted to stop by and say hello! Hope you have a great Fourth weekend, do you get Monday off as well? It is going to be great to have afour day weekend finally! ahhh a mini vacation, Well have a great one! Happy Fourth of July!

Anonymous said...

I can see it now: (two weeks in the future) Marste, I don't know what I'll do without you!!!! If you leave me now, I might have to just...(pause for dramatic effect)....KILL MYSELF!!!!!!!!! No! Don't try to stop me! I've been heading this way for a while. It's just that I was trying to hold it together for you, you know how much I need you...oh...You're still leaving? Were you not listening!? Let me repeat myself:...

hahaha ;P

Paula said...

I think you should maybe, um, RUN in the other direction if you ever see him again.

Carolyn said...

Well at least he isn't committment phobic. LOL

Marste said...

Jenni - Yeah, I think "icky" pretty much sums it up! LOL Sort of like watching a train wreck, you know? You want to look away, but just . . . can't . . .

Chels - Swear to God. If I get another RJ, somebody really IS gonna die, and it's not going to be me!! LOL

PJ - I'm hoping to NEVER see him again period!! Ha!

Carolyn - Yes, that's true. But remember: behind every silver lining there's a big black cloud! :D