Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fun with doctors

Well, that embarrassing butt problem I had last time I wrote? That got SO much worse last week. I woke up in the middle of the night and almost barfed, I hurt so much. And that’s saying a lot for me: I have a REALLY high pain tolerance for internal problems. My mom came up on Thursday to stay with me, and we got an appointment to see a Chinese doctor (well, an American doctor who practices Chinese medicine) on Friday. I literally lied in bed all day Thursday and tried not to cry. Mom took me to the doctor on Friday and she asked a million questions, looked at my tongue and took my pulse. I got some herbal Chinese remedy to help stimulate the chi in my digestive system, refresh my spleen, my stomach, my kidneys, my liver. It’s in a pill form, which I was grateful for. Sometimes they make you brew these nasty teas and drink them. :P The pills don’t smell too bad, though, and they seem to be helping. I also had some acupuncture, which was weird, but SO helpful, and I’m scheduled for 4 more treatments.

So . . . I’m still hurting, but I’m sort of functional. I’m at work for 4 hours today, after being out Thursday, Friday and Monday. (Although I told them I was in the hospital – people tend to treat that with more gravitas than when you tell them you’re seeing a Chinese doctor.)

But this is a short post, because I’m exhausted. Being in constant pain will do that to you. :P On the up side, I lost 8 pounds this week!! (Yeah, I know it’s fucked-up to be excited about that, but I’m trying to look on the bright side, here! LOL)


Ms.L said...

LOL!I'd be excited too.
Aww I hope everything helps you feel right as rain:)

Paula said...

Feel better soon. And hey, eight pounds is eight pounds!

Carolyn said...

Oh boy!

Get well soon.

Dagny said...

Um PLEASE see a regular doctor. Please. Hate to tell ya, stimulating your chi isn't going to fix this particular problem. Surgery is.

Paula said...

Hello? Are you there? I hope you're feeling better.

Marste said...

Hey, guys - thanks for all the support. I was laid up in bed for weeks on Vicodin, so I wasn't exactly doing a lot of reading or posting. I'll be around to catch up in the near future, though. :)